17 January 2016

Someone like you.

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

After a while. Tetiba rasa maw post something here. Tadi ada nyanyi lagu Someone Like You by Adele di Big Mugz. Well tipu la kalu xterfikir pasal kisah lama kan. Hahaha.

But i will never find someone like him. Never. Ever. Takkan lah maw rasa tue sakit berkali-kali kan. Jangan jadi bodoh katanya hahaha.

Sebab asshole tue laa i closed my heart. Reject semua orang. Hmmmm.

Tak mengapalah. Semoga berbahagia seja la dya aa.

Typical girl,



01 January 2016

I love you.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

How much more time has to pass for me to forget you? How much more do I have to cry for the tears to stop? When you call my name like it is nothing. My heart hurts so much that I can not speak.

Tears keep falling, even when I try to hold it in. I keep thinking of you, even when I try to forget you. Words I hid, words I could not say, because I had no courage, because I could not bear to say it.

Words that linger around my lips, I love you.

I close my eyes and draw out the back of you. Without knowing, like a fool tears fall. I try to smile as nothing is wrong but my heart hurts so much that I can not speak. 

Because it hurts so much that my breath stop, because only scars remain, I do not think I can go on. I guess this is the end.

You not being here even when I shout out. Not being able to see you again. I can not believe in it, I can not believe it. Words I hid, words I could not say, words that linger around my lips, I love you.

That girl,



Tabung :)