22 February 2015

Accept the Reality.

Accept the fact that the relationship is over. Do not give yourself unrealistic fantasies that you might get back together one day. Respect the fact that the relationship had its time but has no ran out ways to work. This was a chapter in your life that has closed and you are now ready to grow and enter another chapter of your life. 

Learn from it. Everything is learning experiences, so use it as your advantage! Look over your relationship and list what went good about it and what went wrong. Use these notes as a tool to improve your relationship skills.

Never generalize. Going through a break up does cause you emotional withdrawal and pain, which may cause you to generalize everyone you meet or choose to date. Keep in mind that everyone is an individual with their own unique qualities and personalities and your encounters with them will not carry the same experiences as your ex-relationship.

Focus on you. Take some time to get to know yourself again before you get involved withe someone else. know what you really need and deserve and what you are ready to give another person. When you are sure about what you are willing to give and to receive, you will be able to find a partner who will suit you well.


Remember Me, 

- yean - 


16 February 2015

Unsaid Word.

Sometimes I just feel like I don't want to write anymore.

It is not because I lack of the motivation nor the inspiration, it is because of them.
The people I want to write about. the ones who make emotions flow from every pore of my being, who leave me to drown in all of the words that flood my mind. I could write epics about your smile or laugh but if I did, it would change everything.
Right now with all of my unsaid words, I am safe and protected but if I unleash the gates and everything comes spilling out, I would not be able to run or hide from the truth anymore.I finally see how deeply you affect every bit of my soul and then I would not be able to escape.
Every time I write, I will think of you but you see, as long as I do not write, I will be safe from madness and the pain that I had feel when you leave.
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This shy girl,

- yean - 


They say time flies and it goes by too slow. 
The time was not right and I do not really know. Time directs us all. Our action, our plans, our lives. Time is all around and a constant reminder of what is, what will be, and what used to be.
Time is painful, like some of the past. Time is unpredictable, like the future. Time is mystery, like right this moment. Make wise choices because time will steal your actions and you will never get a second chance.
Life, like time, it is also goes on. It is spent and also wasted. So precious, waste time wisely. Time tells you when it is good to love. When it is good to let go. When it is right to start over.
What if you did what you wanted to do and time were not even a factor of consequence?
Life as we know it would recreate into an even bigger abundance of mystery.
No order.
No time.
No chronology.
Just me and you.
If you ask me how does move on feels like, to me it is like believing the broken clock will move again.


The girl, who do not want to leave,

- yean - 

06 February 2015

Crying to sleep.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

People always say that "Crying yourself to sleep has got to be the worst thing ever".

That is an obvious statement but for me it is different thinking about crying yourself to sleep than when it actually happen to yourself.

Your breathing ends up almost impossible. The fear of waking anyone else in the house with loud sobs or gasping for air. You whole body tenses up.

You can trying cuddling up with your pillow, stuffed animal or anything, but what does that help with? You still trembling. If anything, it makes it worse.

You cry harder, louder. Only trying to be quiet. You gasp gasp for air while letting out thousand of tears. Your body shuts down. Your eyes keep streaming. Your mind goes blank.

Maybe you fall into a dream, a nightmare, but you are fast asleep. When you wake yup, you can not remember exactly how you fell asleep, but you know your crying was unbearable.

Your eyes still hurt from all the fluids leaving them. You can not help but to curl into a ball and think. Try to remember how it all happened. You do not even want to do anything else.

You just sit in your bed, trying your hardest to get up and live the day like last night did not happen. But you can not help but to think,

"Is that how tonight is going to go, too?"


Girl who cry now,

- y -


Tabung :)