20 November 2015

My Life.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Well now, saya berada di kota "Syurga Makanan" seperti yang di katakan oleh orang ramai. Ya. Tawau. I have been here for about 3 weeks already. Hmm maka di sini la permulaan dunia kehidupan saya as an Assisstant Medical Officer yang selama ini saya pun tidak tahu kewujudannya.

Well, to be honest. I never imagine a life like this and i do not even know is this what i want in my life. I even did not know what i want. Just follow the flow is what i have been done since my childhood. Mungkin itu juga moto hidup saya.

Kehidupan yang samar-samar. Itu yang saya nampak untuk masa depan saya. I think, i just work for money. Money for my daily life, my family and for travel the world. Bahagia? Is that i am happy for what i am doing right now? I do not know the answer either. Is that bad?

Well i like my job. Helping people. But i do not know why i am feeling empty inside. Go to work. Back from work. Sleep. Awake. And go to work again. Hmmmm. No fun at all. I just feel like a robot doing her own things.

What should i do? I hope this shall pass too. 

The lonely girl,



Tabung :)